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Systems duplicate & leads are the life of my business. 2 years ago I was new to network marketing. There is no way I would be where I am without a system. How important... I wouldn't be in business without it.

I have personally seen the leads generated from your system. I couldn't believe how they kept coming! Great job!

Fugheddaboudit !!! Having generated leads of pre-qualified, intrested people, and a system that manages that info, greatly improves the win potential !!
The system, if actually used as directed, also kills the fears that most people have of not having a peoole to talk to. The right market talks to the right marketing... by the hundreds!! You just need to hit the call or send button!! Mikey... you definitely got the "juice" when it comes to that !!

Got a paid signup with the "second chance" capture page through the Neobux coop with only 3 clicks on each spot as of now.

I think the new sales video has made a HUGE difference. Especially for this 'mainstream' traffic. Rock on!

You know I made a costly costly mistake by buying coops somewhere else and it was a complete failure, it was a steal and a big disappointment especially comparing to with what I get here (cost vs leads = wow). I stick to this. Have to lick my wounds and go on now with this success.. wish you the same!

In the middle of my campaign now... 45 new leads with 1 $25.00 signup thus far!

I have been a full-time marketer online since 2001 but I have never seen such high optin rates from a marketing system such as you guys have created. The back office is really simple to understand too meaning my team can easily duplicate my success. THANKS!!!

Excellent - Fantastic platform to centralize Our leads, campaigns, Capture pages, ads, team sharing, autoresponder, and much more! A must for all members and eases duplication for new members!!! Thanks

Wonderful job - amazing and Vincent is always there to help trouble shoot your personal website an always responds so quickly - blows me away!!!!! THANK YOU

Oh Snappppy doodle!!!!!! OMG! | love you guys!!!!!!

Beautifully professional! Thanks so much for all your hard work!

I think it is very important for any distributor signing up new distributors to not only have this marketing system themselves but to make sure one of the first things you tell them is to sign up ASAP to the marketing system and study, study, study. I wish I had known last week and had more studying time under my belt. Might be something Lisa Marie Carter or Cedrick Harris can reiterate in messages as I believe not enough of us are led to the marketing system right away. Being new, and knowing now what I know about the system ESPECIALLY now with people signing up others in other countries, I honestly dont think you can stress this enough to distributors signing up new distributors!! The tools in this are fantastic. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to set this up for us! Invaluable!

If you are serious about your business this is a MUST have. EVERY marketer, whether you are a beginner or veteran, MUST have a way to capture info, create leads & build a list. This system has it all... professionally done capture pages AND anding pages... auto-responders and all the bells and whistles that you could imagine. Here's the great thing... it's ALL already set up for you and ready to roll.
You can literally start from day one successfully using this amazing system and you don't have to be an internet marketing guru.
For those looking for the advanced features... this is totally customizable; from creating your own capture pages & landing pages to incorporating your own auto-responders & creating traffic. I've used several marketing systems in my time and nothing that l've seen even comes close to this and for less than a dollar a day... it's a NO BRAINER. Have fun with it and make lots of $ $ $ !

My wine system has provided everyone from the amateur to the advanced marketer the tools they need to build an incredible duplicable business. From "done for you" capture pages to the ability to build your own and incorporate video, you have it and so much more!! The System is impressive beyond words!! Thanks so much!

Absolute best training and marketing system industry wide I have ever seen!!!

It is said that in someone that partners of becomes a customer on average after the 5 exposures to the business or product and what better, easier and more inexpensive way than a top notch marketing system!!!!! This system has it all !!!
Training to landing pages to auto-responders and it FULL CUSTOMIZATION!
Congrats to the whole team on their hard work on this amazing system! THIS IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS!!!!!!!!!

I'm loving it! What I like best is it's not complicated at all. It can be overwhelming learning something new, but they've really made it easy even for someone with zero funnel & cold lead experience.

Shout out to Theresa for answering a few questions for me. It was very easy for me to setup! Last night my brilliant hubby took the funnel and personalized it for me. I cannot wait to start using it today! Everyone feel free to check out mine at WinelntoWealth.com and share your feedback. I AM SO STINKING EXCITED!!!! Oh please do not submit your info for more information, y'all already have it.

Already set up and rockin n rollin. EVERY marketer that is serious about their biz MUST have a way to capture peoples information. The fortune is in the follow up... no info... no follow up = no dinero. Hence... the need for a good capture page. This system is VERY simple to use even for the 1st timers just getting started. Its a well oiled machine that will blow up your business. Time to rock

Thank you! I love the sample site just made S20 off 5 people requesting the free samples which paid for my marketing system in just a few hours!

Ask me how the sampling link is working. This is less than 24 hrs worth! If you don't have the marketing system you are letting all this money get away, not to mention all these new leads!!

We have the BEST marketing system hands down!
Thanks for the amazing work so we can leverage all the time and talents available!!

I couldn't do this business at all without it. Not having any experience at all, our Marketing system helps me look professional and that's worth every penny spent. I talk with people, but the selling factor for me has been me sending out our marketing materials afterwords which shows everything on the products!

Since the Vincent Webb Gave us Access to the TTO Sample site Marketing
Page I've sent out 116 paid for samples to date
Let me break that down for you
116 x $4.51 = $523.16
Yes the sample is $4.95 but Paypal charges a $0.44 cents fee on the transaction
12 retail sales= $30 each sale = $360
116 x $0.49 = $56.84 in stamps
116 x $0.80 = $92.80 cost of sachets (.80 cents each)
116 x $0.132= $15.32 cost of thank you cards
Total expenses = $164.93
$523.16 - $164.93= $358.23 + $360 retail = $718.23 - $396 ads =
$322 profit
PLUS hundreds of LEADS + Follow up = $S$$$$
Thank You VERY MUCH for putting this System together

This training system will be key to building your business!! The reason a person pays sooooo much $$$ for a McDonalds franchise is because they have a proven system of success. This is exactly the same. This system was created by the Top Professionals in our industry! Keep it simple and duplicate!

I love TTO marketing system!! Had a lady I've never spoken to just PAY for a sample!! I've given so many away for FREE, I'm so excited to finally get paid to send them out..If you haven't checked out the marketing system I recommend you do ASAP

Over 200 friends have NOW officially watched the 2 minute video! This marketing system ROCKS! | get leads everyday! It's helped me make 2 retail sales, sign 6 reps up & sell 200+ samples so far! I could not do this business without it! Thank you for giving us such a valuable tool!

Best marketing system out there! In the past three months I am almost in the top 20 with well over 600 leads! AMAZING team/family and
you cannot go wrong with this system!

This is proof the TTO Marketing System works. 43 -The total leads number is since YESTERDAY. IF you don't have this system you need to get it, it will change your business and change your life. Have a blessed day everyone

Woke up this morning to my 1,000th lead using the TTO marketing system..
Ready to rock and roll again!

Loving all the leads that have popped up in my Marketing System over the last few days, I'm going to have fun with these. Thanks Cedrick Harris and Mike Grady!

I love the system

Got the banner ads on my blog sites, generated about 15-20 leads since yesterday.. great training back there and the printable flyers/drop cards are worth more than the $29/mo price tag

And while I was dealing with my sons school and this drama all day, the leads for my wine business continue to pour in like clockwork ! Boom

Just signed up to a top earner via your services, Mike Grady - great job!

Absolute best training and marketing system industry wide I have ever seen!!!

Hi Guys, I'm 2 days old in this. Love the system. I appreciate all you guys do! I've been In Network Marketing and this is the best capture/follow up system I've seen geared towards the average user who doesn't need to understand all the stuff behind the scenes!! Take care and have an amazing day!

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